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education & biography

California State Licensed Clinical Social Worker; License number: LCSW81327

California State Licensed Social Worker, 2017.

Masters in Social Work, California State University, Long Beach, 2015.


Bachelors in Psychology, Ashford University.,2011.


Associate of Arts in Psychology, West Los Angeles College, 2009. 


California State Certified HIV Counselor, 2005.


I attained a Masters in Social Work and am an LCSW, based in Los Angeles, California. As a licensed clinical social worker/clinical therapist, educator, speaker, and author I focus on a sex-positive approach encompassing an honest, open, compassionate, and passionate perspective on relationships, sex, and sexuality. I have a BA in psychology and a Masters in Social Work, with an emphasis on clinical therapy via an eclectic therapy approach encompassing CBT, experiential, and narrative therapy modalities, as well as trauma informed care.


I provide insight, support, and empowerment for individuals interested in or actively exploring alternative sexual practices and relationships encompassing polyamory, open, nonmonogamy identities and more. For over a decade I have been providing insight and services through individual and couples counseling, speaking, and public education. Through individual sessions, workshops, and interactive classes specializing in the de-stigmatization of all things intimate I have provided sex-positive services to diverse populations and communities. In addition, I have extensive experience in psychiatric illnesses, assessment, diagnosis, and environmental and cognitive factors affecting one’s health and mental well-being through public health agency employment.


As a California State-certified HIV counselor and educator, I have been on the cutting edge of the latest theories and cultural trends concerning intimacy, sex, sexuality, and HIV treatments and protocols including PrEP, PEP, as well as TasP and U = U. Creating safe, open, honest, and welcoming environments to learn about everything from sex and sexuality, to relationships and communication is paramount in my work. With writings featured in Instigator Magazine, featured in Frontiers Magazine, as well as being regularly cited by my peers, I aim to provide access and empowerment to those in need. Some of my recurring speaking engagements are at the PleasureChest, The Stockroom, and The Village at the LALGBT Center where my “Sex for Gay Men,” “Hardcore & Alternative Sexual Practices,” “Threesomes and Moresomes,” and “HIV Basics” classes are taught and embraced.


Through my outreach, speaking and writing I have come to realize the unique challenges within our different communities to at once embrace our loves, our sexuality and adventurous spirits, while keeping peace with the responsibility to ourselves and our partners. I am looking forward to a very long tenure helping you realize your goals and empowering improvement within.


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