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My therapy encompasses an eclectic and integrative approach seamlessly blending CBT, experiential, narrative modalities with insight, guidance, interest, empathy, and ultimately a safe space for you to vocalize and experience growth and realize potentials within.


My Focus


  • You

  • Couples therapy

  • Your relationship(s)

  • Solo/Poly/Bi/Homosexual and heterosexual interaction

  • Polyamory

  • Sex & Sexuality Support

  • Gender Identity questioning and support

  • Alternative Sexual Practices Education and Support

  • Sex worker support and strategies

  • Kink culture

  • Emotionally Safe Sexual interaction

  • Physically Safe Sexual interaction

  • Substance use utilizing harm-reduction strategies

  • Sex positive education

  • Transgender resources and support

My goal is to facilitate more fulfilling engagement, be they knowledge of yourself, intimate relationships, or emotional growth. I also provide outreach resources and offer my therapeutic, speaking, coaching, and writing services to you and your peers or social groups.  This is a sex-positive area so please make yourself at home.


I look forward to hearing from you


Sincerely, Damon Holzum



Fees for services:


  • My standard fee is $180 per 50-minute individual or couple session. Payment is accepted by cash, checks or credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Venmo and Paypal). There is a sliding-scale fee available on a limited and per need basis. Billing statements can be provided if a PPO-insurance plan is utilized and payment is due upon time of service. 

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